Sangeet Bharati Scholarship

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Sangeet Bharati America is a volunteer-based American organization to promote Indian classical music and dance. Hinduism and India being the roots of these fine art forms, Sangeet Bharati is on its mission to do its small part as a service to music and dance and nourish the roots in the process.

On these lines, to encourage the students in need to continue practicing music and dance during their college free time, Sangeet Bharati awards college scholarships starting in 2023. 

Please read through the complete article to better understand the Sangeet Bharati scholarship process.

  1. The scholarship is currently available for those who completed the Junior or Senior Karnataka Shastreeya Sangeetam and Talavadya examinations.
  2. There is no mark cutoff in the music and dance examination. The highest scorer among the applicants, an outstanding essay, and overall student profile are the benchmark for the selection (See below for “student profile”).
  3. The essay topic will be announced four weeks before Ganesh Chaturthi on Sangeet Bharati’s Facebook page at
  4. Academic credentials like GPA and outstanding academic records are good to have in case of multiple applicants, but not mandatory. The music and Dance profile of a student is the major qualification for the Sangeet Bharati scholarship.
  5. The scholarship amount for those who completed their junior is $1000 and $2000 for those who completed their senior.
  6. The scholarship will be awarded once a year on Vijayadashami day.
  7. Scholarship in the form of a check will be sent directly to the selected students.
  8. If there are more applicants than available scholarships, the committee will choose among applicants. And, the committee’s decision is final and can’t be challenged.
  9. The student who got selected for a scholarship in the first year is not automatically considered for the following year. They have to reapply each year.
  10. Both domestic and international students get equal weightage in selection.
  11. Both domestic and international students should agree that
    1. They provide US identification proof like a driver’s license if they are honored with the scholarship.
    2. Apply in good faith and acknowledge that the organization is authorized to proceed with legal action in case of misrepresentation is found later in the process.

Domestic Students

  1. Should have completed music examination junior or senior conducted by Sangeet Bharati America Inc.

International Students

  1. Must have completed the Junior or Senior examination from government boards or renowned universities. For example, Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, Bengaluru University, Mysuru University, Chennai university, etc.
  2. The syllabus should match a minimum of 80% of the Sangeet Bharati syllabus or be suitably substantiated.
  3. A diploma is considered junior level and BA in music is considered senior level.


Four weeks before Ganesh Chaturthi: Essay topic announcement on Sangeet Bharati’s Facebook page

Last date to apply for the scholarship: Ganesh Chaturthi

Announcement of winners: Vijayadashami

How to apply:

Between the announcement of the essay and until Ganesh Chaturti, you can email the below details to our email address

  1. The subject should be: Scholarship <<YEAR>>: <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>
  2. The essay should be attached to the mail in word or pdf format. Students have to write essays in their own words and should be able to defend their stand anytime in the future.
  3. In the email body or as another attachment (preferred) please provide your profile which should have below minimum information.
    1. Date of birth.
    2. Full name.
    3. Music or dance examination details.
    4. Music or dance learned source (Guru’s small introduction or other modes of learning like Self-learning).
    5. Your core strength or specialty in your music or dance. Share the performance video links (not the video itself).
    6. Any kind of contribution to the music or dance world beyond performing at arranged concerts.
    7. After your examination and until now, how is your music life?
    8. A paragraph on what music or dance means for you for the rest of your life.
    9. A paragraph on what you are planning to use this scholarship for.



Many music enthusiasts write blogs and one or two pages of online articles. Many times they are well articulated and worth reading but fall short to be a book due to its size. For those, “Sangeet Prabhanda Mala” – an evolving PDF book is created for articles from different authors and merged together.

Interest authors of book or writers of articles can write to