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Sangeet Bharati is a platform started by like-minded friends in Dallas in the summer of 2019. Publishing books is one of the initiatives to help both music gurus and seekers in making quality music literature available worldwide for free of cost.


Below are the simple guidelines to be followed for the new books to onboard on the Sangeet Bharati platform to maintain the quality and standard and enrich the user experience. These standards will be followed across the board and any suggestions will be welcome if this can be standardized and go with an idea of the open platform available for “free for all”:


1. Frontpage will only have the contents – “Sangeet Bharati” name and logo, Book title and subtitle (if any) and author name.
2. Back cover will have front cover content in an appropriate size, and biography of the author with his picture.
3. The front inner will have a “Bharat Mata” picture.
4. Back inner will have the “Parakrami Bharata” picture.
5. Half-title of the book.
6. Pages will be in multiples of 4 so that the PDF can be printed as a booklet by interested people and organizations.
7. Starting the Shanti mantra at the beginning of the book.
8. Ending the Shanti mantra at the end of the book.
9. English book will be in Letter size while the books in Indian languages will be in A4 size.
10. Each page will have a footer “Sangeet Bharati | Practice, Perform, Promote and Unite.”
11. Both Author and Sangeet Bharati will have a say on the books published on the Sangeet Bharati platform to continuously enrich the content for enhanced seekers’ experience.
12. No content in the book should have any derogatory remarks on Bharatiya Sangeet, Bharatiya Vaggeyakaras or for that matter any culture or religion etc. The effort is more and more to make this enjoyable and usable by everyone across the world.
13. As Sangeet Bharati works are evolving products with corrections and additions, the author should be open for feedback, comments and suggestions from the users and incorporate those as seems appropriate.
14. As Sangeet Bharati is a volunteer-run initiative, the author will bear any expenses involved in hosting the book. It may be creating Sangeet Bharati cover pages or editing the original work when needed.
15. The core content of the book should be legible for the end-users without watermarks or any distractive contents.
16. Sangeet Bharati at its sole discretion can refuse to onboard books on its platform.
17. Each book will carry below copyright information.

18. Sangeet Bharati will use the source code of the book or articles to enhance the book based on the feedback, comments or suggestions it receives from the users. This will within consent with the author.


“Sangeet Bharati eBooks are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


The pages in the Sangeet Bharati eBooks are organized to print as a booklet or as a spiral-bind book on letter-size (8.5”x11”) [A4 Size] papers and two-sided printing. The licensor permits interested people and organizations to copy, print, distribute and transmit only the unaltered copies of Sangeet Bharati works.”


Please write to if you need more information.


Many music enthusiasts write blogs and one or two pages of online articles. Many times they are well articulated and worth reading but fall short to be a book due to its size. For those, “Sangeet Prabhanda Mala” – an evolving PDF book is created for articles from different authors and merged together.

Interest authors of book or writers of articles can write to